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We’re Serious About Resolutions

New Resolutions?  It’s not too late to make them.  Don’t bother with the gym, the diet, the no-beer/lose weight combo, save money or organising your sock drawer stuff.   We know that’s game over by mid January.

Instead, welcome to Serious About New Year Resolutions – as part of our service.  Obviously booking yourself an ‘adults-only holiday in the UK with entertainment’ – with us – is our top suggestion but here are a few other ideas you may not have thought of…..yet.

Firstly some foodie ideas.  Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables – and eat them before they turn into mystery goop at the back of the fridge.  Eat more tacos.  Read the directions carefully on a packet of food so you don’t have to go bin diving.  Well that’s all food for thought for 2023.  (I’m eating Christmas chocolates as I type this).

Here are a few more attainable ones:  wake up after noon at weekends and be a teenager all over again!  Go viral on Tiktok, pick a film on Netflix quickly so you hit play before falling asleep.  Stop googling ‘symptoms’.  Perfect your favourite celebrity impression.  (Boris Johnson doesn’t count as it’s too easy).  Start counting down to Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movie season – it usually starts in October……

And here are a few you have perhaps never thought of: wine down the day with a glass of vino – oh hang on, we’ve already cracked that one.  Learn urban speak so you can converse with younger members of the family.  No more puzzling over CBA fam, innit, WYD or FMAO. (Look ‘em up on google!)   Stop swearing at Siri and Alexa.  They deserve respect, along with that poor woman who repeats ad nauseam about the unexpected item in the bagging area.

Post covid, lockdowns and two lost years, a lot of people are switching from a bucket list to a f*ck it list.  With exciting plans to get together with long lost family and friends, have belated celebrations, stag and hen weekends, spa weekend, short breaks and holidays.  Do take a look at all the events listed on our website.  With our competitive prices that include hotels, meals, travel and entertainment in a fantastic party atmosphere all under one roof and at a very affordable price, we can take away all the aggro of having to organise things for a large party. So you can all kick off your shoes and let your hair down.

So why not make that your resolution for 2023.  Book a break with us and get the party started.  Happy New Year everyone!!