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You were all amazing

All skittles seasons are special but this year’s is especially close to our hearts.  It was the year when we finally got back to normality after covid, lockdowns, the world of masks, cancellations and general mayhem.

The sportsmanship was as brilliant as ever, the dancing wilder than ever, the fancy dress outfits were even more sensational.  And the score board involved some of the biggest numbers we’ve ever seen.  Highest scoring team were Granny Cornish’s Shorts from Barnstaple who clocked up 485 points at Sand Bay last month. Beating 44 teams in the process.

Meanwhile the highest scoring man was K Russell from the Crown ‘n’ Bull with 76 and Jackie Cann from the Diffs Most Wanted who notched up 64 as the highest scoring woman.  Huge congratulations to you all.  And of course to all the winners, runners-up and competitors.  A truly epic season.


One thing though, was a little different this year – we had a booby prize.  Rachel scooped the Serious About Events Rotten Tomatoes award for getting her sums wrong in the April Derwent weekend for the first time in history.  Too late to organise a bowl off, the tied teams were awarded joint trophies, medals and prize money.  So a huge shout out to  Team B and Norwood Arms who tied magnificently on 413 apiece.


And one final observation on our season, we’ve seen more shots of sleepy skittlers on the coach home on our Facebook page than we’ve ever seen before!!  Definitely the sign of a great weekend away!!


Nobody mentioned snoring or dribbling – how very kind!