we have taken thousands Away for the weekend!

Established in 1994 by father and daughter, Brian Pengelly & Rachel Hosking, wehave taken away thousands of customers who have enjoyed these fantastic weekends away.

It all started with a weekend away…..

Our story began in 1994 when father and daughter Brian Pengelly and Rachel Hosking organised their first ever skittles weekend in Newquay. It was such a success that the rest is history…..well over 100,000 people have enjoyed our fantastic weekends away.

It’s still very much a family affair with new generations of families and friends continuing the tradition of enjoying the fun of a great weekend away.

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Experienced Event Specialists

Originally called the Shoot Out Club, we evolved into Serious About Events just before our 25th anniversary, offering in a variety of themed events for fun loving, like minded people.
Our events cater for 100 to 800 people in a variety of beautiful coastal venues in the South and South West of England, offering packages that can include accommodation, meals, entertainment and competitions as well as transport to and from your home town.

We can also tailor packages to suit your requirements.

What makes us special? Our customers tell us they love our weekends because they’re hassle free and well organised. Once they’ve booked, all they have to do is pack a bag.

Brian Pengelly

The Originator

Brian came up with the original Shoot Out Club concept and seizes every opportunity to remind us all. He’s still active in the office, but after 20 years of hosting weekend events, he’s hung up his organiser hat. However, he and his wife Shirley can’t quite keep away so you will find them at some of our events, Brian at the bar and Shirley on the dance floor. No change there, then!

Rachel hosking

Company director

Rachel’s enthusiasm is legendary. So is her ability to talk for Britain. So beware if she grabs the microphone at your event. Rachel strives to ensure every guest has a truly memorable weekend. She’s also one of the UK’s top fundraisers for Cancer Research UK. Rachel, on a bucket run, is a woman on a mission. We think she could probably even persuade Scrooge to part with his money.

Karen Ivey

Pr & office manager

Karen doesn’t admit to this, but she keeps everyone under control. She’s also a very experienced Serious About Events organiser. If she wasn’t so busy, her specialist subject on Master Mind would be the British Skittles Championships with her encyclopaedic knowledge of all the teams. When she pairs up with Rachel to host weekends, they are fondly known as the A Team.



Alan hosts his own events as well as being in charge of our 32 portable skittle alleys and all the equipment for skittles events. That’s a serious amount of lugging but nothing is too much trouble for Alan who always ensures everyone has a truly fantastic weekend. When Alan’s your weekend host, he’s always the first on the dance floor especially if there’s a bit of ska music going on.



When it comes to organisation planning, Alan is our genius. Despite the fact that we’re in the age of technology, organising the draws for the British Skittles Championships will usually see Alan and Rachel locked in an office for weeks poring over the complicated logistics. You’ll also find Alan on hand as an official at the Grand Finals. He also makes an amazing cup of tea.



Not only Brian’s wife but an integral part of the team, co-hosting many events with him. Anyone who’s met Shirley at our events, will have clocked how stylish she is. Shirley is a former lecturer in fashion design and had her own couture business before moving to Devon. She always cuts a dash on the dance floor at our events. She’s very adept at dragging people up for a dance.



Jane describes her career as a series of unconnected mishaps. She’s a Mirror-trained journalist, worked as a press officer for rock bands including Status Quo and Thin Lizzy, and then ended up at ITV for nearly thirty years as a producer and commissioning exec. Her hobbies include chatting and writing, so doing press work for Serious About Events is the perfect combo.



Daniella graduated from Plymouth University in Photography and is already a highly successful baby portrait and wedding photographer – just in case any of you are planning to tie the knot. She also pops up at our events and the British Skittles Championships as our official photographer of the teams and presentation ceremony. There’s no mistaking the likeness – she is Rachel’s daughter!


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25 not out

We are proud to have been organising events for over 25 years. Find out more about the secret of our success.