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We’re All Serious About Christmas !! Well the countdown has begun – not just to our next season of fabulous skittles weekends but of course it’s nearly time for tinsel and turkey. What’s the perfect gift for a skittler?  Anything from a pint to quite a few pints, I would humbly suggest.  Or go on,

The Ultimate Skittles Party

You had to be there.  Of course you did, but for those of you who weren’t, here’s the lowdown on what you missed.  For those of you who were, here are some more happy memories of a cracking weekend.  The standard of play and sportsmanship were beyond awesome, as was the singing and chanting. Hats

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WHO SAYS THE BRITS ARE WEIRD?  WE DO!! Last month we talked about pub etiquette – you know, all that ‘waahaay’ when someone drops a glass or that jolly rhetorical question, whose round it is?  Everyone knows of course – they’re just eyes transfixed on the skinflint who never pays up.  Any game of skittles
You never know, they might come up in a pub quiz… Agatha Christie was born a mile from the Derwent Hotel in a now demolished house called Ashfield in Barton Road. She was baptised in the church just up the road from the Derwent hotel. Henry Baskerville a Torquay coach driver who gave Sherlock Holmes

Skittles Extravaganza

A new competition like no other We’re monster busy at Skittles HQ getting final preparations ready for our Skittles Extravaganza in Torquay on the weekend of September 29.  The heat’s really on now as we’re organising the alley timetables and doing the draws for all the competitions, singles and pairs and teams events.  We’ll be