Team Building

Team Building Doesn’t Have To Be An Ordeal!

A Fun and Inclusive Way To Connect And Develop Your Employees

Team get-togethers have never been more important. Covid-19 taught us all that we can often work remotely, but we all know that communication and camaraderie often suffer.

Bringing together staff from different parts of the business can be tricky when faces are put to names. And then what? Paintballing and assault courses aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, especially if it’s bucketing with rain.

Here at Serious About Events we have created the perfect ice breaker – playing a game that needs no previous experience or level of fitness. Invented by the Ancient Egyptians, immortalised in Tom Brown’s Schooldays, ‘Life isn’t all beer and skittles’, the wonderful game of skittles is still much enjoyed in pubs and clubs all over the UK.

Skittles makes a great game that everyone, no matter age, ability or experience, can join in. It’s not weather dependent and it’s usually close to a bar!

Just about everyone can throw a ball down a skittle alley. It’s a simple case of nine pins, three balls and one aim: to knock ‘ em down. So it’s a very relaxed game and fun to play without any pressure. Oh and did we mention beginner’s luck?

We have a range of professional alleys that can be set up in the venue of your choice. We can even run the competition for you, with prizes, trophies and medals, as well as create a stage setting with lighting and audio visual equipment. We can even supply a presenter if you wish.

And there’s more. How about taking your team away for a night or two? We can organise quality hotel accommodation, meals and evening entertainment around your skittles tournament, all under one roof. And all at competitive rates. We can even arrange transport to your venue.

We take care of everything, leaving you and your colleagues to concentrate on building team spirit and having some fun at the same time.

Your first step to a great team building event is just a phone call away.

What Can You Learn From A Game Of Skittles?

A skittles team building day can be great fun, but it can also teach you a great deal about your team’s strengths and challenges. By mixing and matching teams, you can see some of the workplace dynamics in action.

Promote the quiet ones to team captain and give them a chance to shine. Put all your department heads into one team and see how well they communicate.

From head to head singles competitions to team events and best/worst games (where you try to avoid hitting the pins) you can help foster team spirit within the ranks in a fun and unpressured way.

We’re pretty sure you will all find out a lot more about your staff and colleagues by the time you’ve finished.

Why choose us?

With near three decades experience of organising events, you’re in safe hands. We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable hassle-free events for all age groups and tastes. We know that our customers appreciate having everything organised and under one roof. All you have to do is plan your event with us. We are the go-to organisation for anything involving skittles. Co-director of Serious About Events Rachel Hosking is regularly interviewed on television, radio and in print on the subject of skittles and the championships. She even guested on The One Show giving hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker a few tips on rolling a skittle ball.

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