What’s the perfect present for the person who has everything?

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Answer – a dartboard.  How many people have a dartboard in their homes.  Answer – not many.

At Serious About Events, we think darts should be an NHS stress-busting solution.  What other sports have that satisfying solution of hurling a very sharp object at a board and potentially racking up a score of 180?

If you’re still doing your Christmas list, I bet there are quite a few people on it who would absolutely love a game of darts.  They might not know that yet, of course.  So how about dragging ‘em down the pub for a taster session.  Or better still suggest coming away on one of our fabulous darts weekends.  Darts is fun, fast…..and glamorous too.  Now, that surprised you, didn’t it.

Darts is also a much televised and hugely watched sport on the box.  Those of us oldies remember the legendary Eric Bristow, the Crafty Cockney, winning five World Masters in the 1980s.  He’s now been overtaken by Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor who has collected 16 World Championships and enough silverware to date, to require a very very large lorry.

But you don’t have to be a Phil or an Eric to have fun on the oche.  Even though darts has become a seriously big money sport, it doesn’t have to be quite that serious.  Our darts weekends take a light-hearted approach to what is one of Britain’s most loved pub sports.  Whether you play as individuals or in teams, it’s guaranteed fun – and dare we say it, there can be a bit of beginner’s luck involved occasionally.

So – back to Christmas.

Just think how a game of darts would enliven any Christmas party that’s flagging a bit after all that food and booze.  Just imagine the fun that boring old Auntie Wotsit and the Neighbour from Hell would have if they got off the sherry and on to the oche.  In that few days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, a game of darts might just get you out of doing the dishes, the vacuuming or being sent out for more beer.

So how do you become a good darts player?  Well the standard advice is to stand with your feet hip width apart, behind the throw line – that’s the oche!  Face the board slightly sideways with your dominant foot – that’s the right one if you’re right-handed and the left if you’re left-handed.  Raise the dart to eye level with your elbow pointing at the board.  Take aim with your dominant eye and throw your dart, tipping it slightly upwards.  Do the hokey cokey and you turn around……that’s what it’s all about.  Best advice is to play with good players and copy them.  And get more beer in.

I bet you didn’t know that some of the world’s greatest darts players are also dancers.  Well if you come to one of our darts weekends you’ll see them in action on the dance floor as well as on the oche.  Just like our skittles weekends, our fabulous darts weekends include two nights accommodation at Sand Bay Holiday Centre in Weston-super-Mare, situated right beside the beach.  With meals and transport thrown in, live entertainment on both nights including our legendary Saturday night party night and of course all the excitement on the oche.  Why not treat yourself to a Christmas present and book yourself a great weekend away to look forward to.  All you need to do is buddy up with four mates to form a team.  It’s peasy!!

Oh and that’s another perfect prezzie for the person who has everthing…..