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Sun, sea and skittles…

We love Bournemouth.  It’s not difficult to work out why it became such a famous resort.  Seven miles of soft yellow sands, turquoise seas, a beautiful Victorian pier and a great climate.  Hence more than five million tourists flock to the town each year.  Actor Christian Bale went to school here, so did choirmaster Gareth Malone, it was home to legendary comedians Tony Hancock and Max Bygraves, and Hobbit writer Tolkien holidayed there every summer for 30 years, finally making it his home for his final years.  Winston Churchill almost died here, falling off a bridge when he was just 18. 

 And some more trivia – Bournemouth has only one street in the town: a small cul-de-sac called Orchard Street.  All the other others are road, crescents, avenues, lanes, paths, mounts, squares and triangles.  Bournemouth was largely created by the Victorians as a fashionable resort with villas for hire.  Apparently they regarded the word ‘street’ as having rather working class connotations.  I wonder what they would have made of alley?

 They’d certainly be mystified by one of Bournemouth’s great attractions – the Pierzip experience that whisks you from the top of the zip tower down to the beach.  Highly recommended for an adrenalin surge before your game of skittles!

So next time you book your weekend away with us, take a look at one of our Bournemouth weekends.  Our elegant hotel choice, Durley Dean, is a stylishly refurbished Victorian townhouse close to that fabulous beach, the town centre shops and bars.  It has a beautiful indoor pool, gym and sauna plus a beauty spa and wellness centre.  We think it all adds up to a fabulous, relaxing weekend away.