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Our very first post pandemic weekends season has surpassed even our expectations.  We staged 13 weekends in five stunning hotels over a six month period, taking away thousands of you.  Yes, we all battled with Covid testing, masks, and hand sanitising but we all got away and had some much-needed and overdue fun.

The happy reunions between teams brought tears to our eyes, the atmosphere on the alleys was electric and being back on the dance floor has never felt so good.  The standard of play and sportsmanship was exemplary but the thing that always bowls us over is the fancy dress.

In all the nearly three decades of taking you lovely people on weekends away, we have never seen so many amazing costumes, themes and stories.

Below the scrumptious Cupcake girls aka Grasshoppers from Gloucester








Meanwhile the Crackers from Bristol chose to dance the night away as garden gnomes and came complete with toadstools and a pond.   Unforgettable, guys!








Everyone adored the Rebels from Cardiff who not only beat 40 teams to lift the winner’s trophy at our biggie Sand Bay weekend back in October, but chose to remind us about the fashion decade style forget – 1980s shell suits and moustaches.   It’s only a question of time, guys, before you’re bang on again with this look!!

Meanwhile history was possibly rewritten when the Wiltshire Moonrakers from Melksham went home with all the trophies!  They beat 14 other teams to win all the silverware at one of our weekends in Bournemouth, with a stunning 475 score in the finals.  Rich Clifford was the highest men’s scorer and sisters Heidi Agg and Vicky Murton tied at the top of the women’s score so decided to share the trophy.  We can’t remember any team winning the whole lot – unless you know different….

It must be said of course that each every one of teams were winners.  You came, you played, you conquered, no matter the score.