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What makes the perfect summer?


Does anyone else feel the same as me? That this is our first proper summer, after two years of hell.  I’ve been thinking about how my summers used to be pre-Covid.  But also just how much I’ve come to appreciate so much more, the basics in life, like going for a long walk, seeing friends and family as opposed to zooming with them, having a hug rather than a fist pump, having a pint in a pub, rather than a six pack at home.  Thank goodness the best things in life are free, or at least the price of a pint.  There are so many things prior to March 2020, that we took for granted and now realise how precious they are..

Suddenly we were all indoors, only allowed exercise outside per day near our homes.  Toilet rolls and flour disappeared overnight in a flurry of panic buying as we became a nation of bakers, living in a twilight world of masks, social distancing and hand sanitising. So here we all are, emerging from the gloom and the sadness, to a first glimpse of what used to pass for normal.

So with that simple life idea in mind, I naturally consulted Google on what makes the perfect summer.  Up came a list of 15 things which I’m definitely going to do.  And curiously many of them tie up with our weekends away.

First up, is watch a sunrise.  It’s one of the most spectacular shows on earth and a dawn chorus adds to the sheer wonderment.  As anyone who’s been on one of our Weston-super-Mare weekends knows, the sunrise from the beach at Sandy Bay is spectacular and so worth getting up early for.

Second suggestion is to fly a kite.  Wow, I haven’t done that in years but it is the most exhilarating experience.  Memo to me: put kite on Christmas wishlist.

Number three is be a home tourist.  Well, at Serious About Events, we’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years – taking our teams to fantastic coastal resorts for fun weekends away.  No passports required.  Just book and pack a bag.  We then come and pick you up.  It’s peasy.  So I’ll just carry on doing that then.

Build a sandcastle is the next suggestion.  And that’s easy to do at most of our resorts.  So if you haven’t done any bucket and spading for a few decades, it’s time to catch up on this essential life skill.  .

There’s nothing more calming than a Nature walk, observing flora and fauna through all the different seasons.  My contribution to this is that I’m doing more of a nature run as I’m in serious training now for my next fund raising challenge, running the London Marathon in October.

Ok so when I’ve completed that, the next suggestion is to plant a garden.  This has to be the year when I do what I’ve always promised myself, dig over a patch of garden and scatter a packet or two of wild flower seeds.  Let nature do its work.

Watch fireworks – oh yesssssss!  There’s nothing like a bit of pyro and fingers crossed, a lot of the summer firework displays will be back again post Covid.

 Now the next one is difficult for me.  Go camping.  Er just no, I hate it.  Life without my hair straighteners is not worth it.  I have however of course been forced to do this on some of my challenges, eg climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and trekking to Machu Picchu.  And many of you have been so generous with your donations, knowing how much I’ve been suffering.

The next idea is much better – go to an outdoor concert.  This is where we Brits really excel.  Come rain or come shine, we’ve paid so we’re going and we love it.  Seriously there’s nothing more fabulous than the atmosphere of being at a concert in the open air.  Here in Torquay  during the Jubilee weekend, we had an amazing Music On the Meadows event right beside the main beach with music all afternoon and evening.  It was packed out with all ages just enjoying the sunshine, the music  – and the normality. A truly wonderful sight.

Ok, back to the list.  Go to a sporting event!  That’s easy, let’s have a game of skittles.  Ticked that one then.

Now here’s one that many of you will absolutely love.  Host an outdoor costume party.  What’s stopping you skittlers with all those amazing fancy dress outfits you’ve worn at our party nights?  It’s time to give that gnome outfit, police uniform or psychedelic number another outing.

I’m going to admit slight failure on the next idea.  Travel as much as possible. Hmmmm,  with the queues at airports, strikes and the price of petrol, travel ain’t wot it used to be.  But we can all dream, can’t we.  At least on our weekends away, your transport is included and there’s no queueing involved for security checks.Next on the list is easy, delightful and yes, yes, yes, I’m doing it as much as possible.  Spend time with family and friends. 

 Take photos –oooooops, I need to take LESS photos as the storage on my phone is currently complaining.

 And finally star gaze. A lovely suggestion.  I’m a bit obsessed with the moon and will be looking out for the Sturgeon moon on August 11.  Rather a nice finish, I thought as the list began with watching a sunrise.

So to sum up, I’ll be getting up early, going to bed late, sandcastling, planting a garden, playing skittles, going to a concert that includes fireworks.  I’m going on our skittles weekends of course – oh and hopefully having a kite for Christmas!  Did I say Christmas?  It’s only six months away.  Just saying…..