We did it For Gina

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Rachel’s epic London marathon run

A huge huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in my latest challenge.  I hope you spotted me on the telly during my five hours, 29 minutes and 14 seconds run.  I am so proud to say that Cancer Research UK has received more than £33,000 thanks to me and my best friend’s two sons, Jake and Morgan.  Their mum Gina Peach was my best friend and she was just 55 when she was diagnosed with cancer, dying seven weeks later.  The boys had promised their mum they would run a marathon, so we hatched a plan to do it together in her memory.



With Covid messing things up, Morgan completed his marathon last October so earlier this month, Jake and I joined the start line in Greenwich after months of gruelling training, to do our bit.  Now Jake will admit he’s more of a burger and pint man than a runner.  We ran it together keeping each other spirits up.  I had my earpods in so I could relay all the messages plus tell him where all our family and friends were along the route.    When we saw the finish line in The Mall, we linked fingers and charged forward.  Then we broke down in tears and hugged each other.   Here are a few pictures that probably tell the story better than I can, plus one of Gina.  How proud she would be of them.