Answer – a dartboard.  How many people have a dartboard in their homes.  Answer – not many. At Serious About Events, we think darts should be an NHS stress-busting solution.  What other sports have that satisfying solution of hurling a very sharp object at a board and potentially racking up a score of 180? If

A Skittles Indulgence

If you can’t make any of our dates in the Spring We want to tell you about the Serious About Events Singles and Pairs Tournament weekend, taking place from September 29 to October 1, 2023.  This is a brand new event, unashamedly a skittles indulgence where you’ll be rolling in three competitions, singles, pairs and
Can’ stop the beat.. Let’s start the countdown to our first Serious About Events  skittles weekend of 2023. It’s only a few weeks and sleeps away until our first skittlers board their coaches on Friday February 24 and head for our beloved Carlton Hotel in Torquay.  We can’t wait to welcome you.  And let us