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We’re Serious About Resolutions New Resolutions?  It’s not too late to make them.  Don’t bother with the gym, the diet, the no-beer/lose weight combo, save money or organising your sock drawer stuff.   We know that’s game over by mid January. Instead, welcome to Serious About New Year Resolutions – as part of our service.  Obviously

Blimey it’s Bideford

Facts you never knew you needed – to know …. The Durrant House Hotel in Bideford is one of our ever-popular venues.  It’s the largest hotel in the town, enjoying fab views over the River Taw.  It boasts a gorgeous spa and the food is fab.  Next time you and your team book in, you

Singles and Pairs Weekend

Where would we be without beer and skittles Our brand new event takes place from September 29 to October 1, 2023 at the Derwent Hotel in Torquay.  It’s unashamedly a skittles indulgence where you’ll be rolling in three competitions, singles, pairs and mixed pairs from Friday afternoon onwards.  Many of you asked us for an