Gloucester Skittles Team, take trophy at Torquay Skittles Weekend

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There’s a first time for everything …

What are they talking about?  Our fabulous weekend at the Carlton Hotel in Torquay in earlier in November.    It’s strictly adults only – leave the kids, grandkids and even  the great grandkids behind.

Let’s kick off by saluting our very worthy winners on their very first time away with us.  Give a big hand to the Gloucester Covidiots, skittles team,  who sailed across the finishing line with 445 points, 47 away from their nearest rivals the Wild Westers from Bristol.  Congratulations lads.  Job well done, guys.

Our Carlton weekends are very much about reunions with many of the teams making a point of meeting up with friends they’ve made at our previous events.  And they all love coming back to Torquay.  So after nearly two years of no skittles, there was plenty of gossip to catch up on, as the beer flowed.

Singer Richard Godefroy delivered yet another amazing set that got all the tired feet back on the dance floor.

It was our fabulous organiser Karen’s third weekend of 2021 along with our amazing stalwart Kenny Carling who was his 85th weekend away with us.  We raised a fantastic £175.40 for Cancer Research UK in the process, so all in all a wonderful weekend!  Big thanks to all the teams for playing their part in making it such fun!


Below the Gloucester Covidiots celebrating their victory.  Their captain Mark Cornwell was also highest scoring man. Many of the team play in the Gloucester Skittles Leagues.

Gloucester Skittles - Covidiots


If there was a prize for fancy dress, we wouldn’t know where to begin.  But as always there were some amazing outfits on show in Torquay.  And also a bit of collusion perhaps?  The Grasshoppers came as…er….grasshoppers…..Duh, we should have thought of that!  But so did the Bright Sparks who picked up the trend, coming as a selection of your favourite bugs and insects.   Well done to everyone!!  Oh and nobody got swotted!

Pictured below, the Grasshoppers from Gloucestercame as themselves!!  Special congrats to team member Sue Stone who won the trophy for the highest scoring woman.

Gloucester Ladies Skittles League

Below: Not to be outdone, here are the Bright Sparks from Cardiff – another fantastic effort,

Cardiff Skittles League

Below the Renegades from Redditch were hot, hot, hot in their Hawaiian shirts

Redditch Skittles League