Fire, Ice and skittles!

Spa weekend
New ‘fire and ice’ luxury detox spa available on our Torquay skittle weekends Now we all love a game of skittles but here’s something else to throw into your party weekend.  Teams booking our weekends in Torquay next month will amongst the first to be able to sample the brand new Fire and Ice feature
Stag do & hen party weekend
How to plan the ideal stag do or hen party weekend. Stag and Hen parties – we all love the idea of them, except for the poor sod who has to organise them.  With romance in the air for Valentine’s Day, brace yourselves for the news that some of your friends are going to be
There’s a first time for everything … What are they talking about?  Our fabulous weekend at the Carlton Hotel in Torquay in earlier in November.    It’s strictly adults only – leave the kids, grandkids and even  the great grandkids behind. Let’s kick off by saluting our very worthy winners on their very first time away
  Yes I’m a bit driven, but I’ve always been this way.  If I’m doing something, it’s 110% minimum and I love a challenge.  Along with a good game of skittles of course. But this one was – slightly unexpectedly – the most difficult so far.  Climbing the equivalent of half the height of Mount
They might not have won the skittles competition at Sand Bay this month but when it comes to fundraising, the Welsh Wizards are top of the leaderboard. To mark their current figure of £66,500 towards Cancer Research UK, the team who hail from Barry in Wales, were presented with a certificate by Serious About Events