About Us and our speciality weekends

Serious About Classic Car Events, the home of speciality weekends which is a new division of Shoot Out Club Limited, a unique company specialising in activity weekends for fun loving adults!

Established in 1994, the Club continues to grow rapidly and takes thousands of people away each year on Shoot Out weekends. Venues are either first-rate hotels or holiday centres situated in the South with many on the coast.

With 20 years’ experience in fun weekends Shoot Out Club decided to launch a special events section to stage a series of bespoke events centred on passions and pastimes. By creating a separate division devoted to leisure interests rather than sport, the company can exploit its vast expertise and experience arranging these unique weekends starting with Serious About Classic Car Weekend Experience in Devon.

The Torquay-based events management specialists Shoot Out Club are serious about organising events. Weekends ranging from 100 to 800 people per event, are hosted by first class organisers and a highly efficient office team ensure that all Shoot Out events run smoothly. These events across the South and South West offer a range of venues tailored to a specific event, the most common being skittles. Shoot Out Club has also organised the Butcombe British Skittles Championship, the largest skittles competition in the UK, since 2004.


As the Shoot Out Club continues to grow we have created an umbrella brand named dedicated to promoting our Serious About Events, where you can find out more about us and the services that we provide.

Company directors Brian Pengelly and his daughter Rachel Bourke created this fantastic annual event, borne out of their own passion for classic cars. Rachel, Brian and his wife Shirley are all enthusiastic classic car owners and will be there with their prized possessions.

We will be announcing more speciality weekends soon themed around photography, walking and motorbikes with more to follow. Watch this space.