When the boot’s on the other foot… Being an events organiser is my day job, so you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d be pretty whizzy at spiriting up a perfect girlie weekend away for my gang of mates.  Wrong!!! Our very own Serious About party weekends would be the perfect choice for me and my

Talking of Trophies

Meet the Queen of Silverware, Hayley Guille.  Hayley who captains the Wyke Missorts, in Dorset, has been administering plenty of Silvo and elbow grease to the Weymouth and Portland League trophies. ‘They’ve been languishing in storage during lockdown,’ says Hayley, ‘but we’re keen to be ahead of the game and make sure they look great,

Moonrakers Mop Up

We can’t remember a weekend where one team took home ALL the trophies.  Yes repeat, that’s all of them.  We’re only surprised the coach taking them back to Wiltshire didn’t have to give its tyres an extra pump up with the weight of all that silverware.  So drumroll please for the Wiltshire Moonrakers who won