So here we are in August  – a month totally governed by weather – it’s either too hot or too wet, too dry or too windy.  But it’s the last full month of summer and devoted to a massive gear change – holidays, breaks and changes of routine. August was named after Augustus Caesar, first
Those of you who’ve been on our Derwent and Carlton Hotel weekends will have undoubtedly seen various mentions of our most famous resident here, Dame Agatha Christie.  She’s sold more books than anyone else worldwide – very big in  the US and Japan apparently. She wrote 66 detective novels, 14 short story collections as well


Our very first post pandemic weekends season has surpassed even our expectations.  We staged 13 weekends in five stunning hotels over a six month period, taking away thousands of you.  Yes, we all battled with Covid testing, masks, and hand sanitising but we all got away and had some much-needed and overdue fun. The happy