Well here we are hurtling towards the end of June, the month with the longest daylight hours.   Hence my favourite month.  June is supposedly named after Roman goddess Juno who was the patron of marriage and childbirth.  I also like to think of her as the goddess of gossip.  Juno……you have to say it out


You were all amazing All skittles seasons are special but this year’s is especially close to our hearts.  It was the year when we finally got back to normality after covid, lockdowns, the world of masks, cancellations and general mayhem. The sportsmanship was as brilliant as ever, the dancing wilder than ever, the fancy dress


Drum roll please  – for all of us!!!! Now here’s something that we are super proud of. This season, we raised a fantastic £4,672.95.  And it was all thanks to teams donating their winnings and being super generous on the bucket runs.  As always, we are overwhelmed at your generosity, especially during these hard times.
Only four months to go….. Our programme for 2024 is almost sold out!  So if you haven’t bagged your team space, you need to get a wiggle on.  If we can’t fit you in for next year, there is still hope!  We still have some availability on our big September weekend – just three months