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Back to the future

We are delighted to say that we are almost fully booked for 2023.  This means we got our sums, dates and venues right!  But of course it has meant a bit of disappointment for a few teams whose chosen weekends were snapped up so quickly.

Now let’s talk 2024.  It’s a biggie for several reasons – mostly because it’s Serious About Events 30th anniversary so we will be having some special celebrations.  But also we’ve been scouting for a new big venue for those of you who like your skittles large.  Don’t worry, the smaller venues that you love will still be on the list.  Sand Bay does us proud and is always quickly sold out so we have been on case for another big hotel or holiday centre to stage more of our bigger events.

Well – we think we might just have found the right one.  It’s big with loads of amazing facilities and negotiations are continuing.  So you’ll be the first to know when we’ve signed on the dotted line.  Watch this space – we certainly are!!!